Something BIG Is Coming!!!

I almost titled this Blog:

Sh** Is About To Get Real!!!

Basically, because it is.

I like to give people a heads-up about what sorts of things may cause disturbances in their lives.

Coming up, we have some major things happening which can unbalance even the most grounded person!

Because I work with Empaths and Highly Sensitive People (HSP's) regularly, it's important to me that you know what's going on so you don't think or feel you're going crazy.

~First up, a Solar Eclipse on July 2nd~ An Eclipse occurs when the moon is positioned between the Sun and the Earth. A Solar Eclipse happens at the New Moon.

New Moons are particularly powerful for manifestations and new beginnings. Think of a Solar Eclipse as a "New Moon on Steroids"! This is a powerful force for change which can sometimes feel like disruption. Eclipses serve to reboot things when we've gotten off our path or lost our way.

Instead of a typical New Moon influence of 1 month, Eclipse cycles last approximately 6 months or more. So, things are coming to a close which began in January of this year (The last cycle of Eclipses).

Think about patterns you've discovered, things you're ready to bring into your life, and don't spend too long mourning what was lost. Eclipses will "cut out" things or people from your life which no longer serve you. They shift us back onto our destined paths, remember?

~Mercury Retrograde on July 7th~ On June 21st, we entered the "shadow period" of Mercury Retrograde. This is a time when Mercury isn't at its full influence, and things start to get a little wonky. Mercury controls travel, communication, negotiations, contracts, electronics, and anything with moving parts. Mercury Retrograde lasts from July 7th-31st and another shadow period until August 15th before things return to normal as the planet goes fully direct.

If possible, it's best to avoid launching or starting new projects and relationships. Also, try to avoid signing contracts during this time. If you can't avoid starting a new job or signing a contract, then read it very carefully to avoid nasty surprises. You may also find that something about the home or job will later need your attention or require a change.

This is an absolutely FABULOUS time to return to old ideas or projects. You may find that you have greater clarity and things will flow much better when you rethink or rework certain aspects.

If your exes start contacting you again, then Mercury Retrograde is probably why! This aspect tends to bring people from the past where some closure or attention is needed.

This Mercury Retrograde is going to be a little uglier than usual because of aspects to Mars, Pluto, and Pollux (a fixed star). Mars is the planet of aggression, and when you pair that with Mercury making communication go wonky, chaos ensues! You may find that people are more aggressive than usual even to the point of violence or belligerence. People may be quick to find offense where none was intended.

Don't put up with abuse of any kind, and report it if necessary. Otherwise, it may be easier to take the high road and walk away from arguments. Your peace is more valuable than someone else's ego issues. Practice your grounding, shielding, cleansing, and meditation during this time.

~Finally, a Lunar Eclipse on July 16th~ A Lunar Eclipse occurs at a Full Moon. This will only be a partial Eclipse, but its relationship with Pluto will cause this Full Moon to feel a little extra crazy. People will be confrontational and power struggles may result. Also, energy from the dwarf planet Eris will cause women to get a little more fed up than usual with inequality. Try not to let this energy get the best of you ladies, or you risk becoming the one starting the arguments you'd like to avoid!

Full Moons are a time for releasing baggage, destructive patterns, people and events no longer serving you. It's a good time to let go of any loss you've felt or occured during the last Eclipse cycle which began in January. Your intuition may become stronger during this time, so tune into it! Trust it to guide you about people, places, and opportunities. During this time, patterns from your subconscious may surface along with old wounds ready to be healed.

Great changes are happening and the more stubborn you are, the worse things can be. Try to be as flexible and open-minded as possible during this time. Don't let jealousy, suspicion, or paranoia get the better of you, or let yourself be the victim of anyone displaying these ego-driven characteristics.

Dr. April Darley uses her intuitive gifts and natural counseling ability to help people understand the real reasons behind problems and how to solve them quickly. She's helped people across the world step into their power and leave behind fear, doubt and paths that are no longer working for them.


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